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4 powerful tips in Resume writing

Resume writing is not an easy task as some people think; it is quite different from what you were taught in college or high school about writing term papers and reports. Those principles don’t not apply with resume writing, because it is a business documents.


Below are four essential principles from professional resume writers that apply to resume writing. All of them must come into play especially when describing your work history. To be successful, ensure you do not neglect them:


  • Do not use the first person pronoun- there is no place for first person pronoun when you are writing a resume, because you are talking of no other person than yourself. So, avoid writing something like this:

‘I demonstrated tact, diplomacy and professionalism while I worked with our clients in difficult situations’. Instead, write ‘Demonstrated tact, diplomacy and professionalism while working with clients in difficult situations’ and so on.


  • Make your sentences brief and concise- don’t bother yourself about fragments, resumes call for crisp and short statements. These sentences may not necessarily be complete. For instance, instead of writing spent ten years working big accounts, both as closer and lead generator, demonstrating great skill in managing and organizing a region with proficiency and in developing client databases’ write something like this


‘Spent ten years on big accounts. Generated closed and lead sales. Demonstrated great skill in organizing and managing a region and in developing client databases’


  • Use plain English- don’t be fooled by thinking that the bigger your words of expression, the more impressed your reader will be about your resume or intelligence. Simplify things, and be gentle on adjectives. Be absolutely careful on certain grammatical constructions you use. Some readers will think you are immature by reading some of your grammatical expressions.


  • Use bullet statements- try to be using bullet expressions when appropriate. When writing a resume, you have a choice of listing every statement in separate paragraph, each having its own line. Every option has its own pros and cons. So, the fact here is that the message you pass across is very essential.


Bulleted information tends to be more concise, readable, and direct than the same information written in a paragraph, though bulleted information may take up more lines. It is advisable to use bulleted information and resume editing services from our website. You will never go wrong by doing this; because your reader will understand you clearly.

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