• Reply by email ALWAYS goes to the entire community.

    Please remember, if you reply to a discussion message using your email, your reply always goes to the entire community. To reply to someone personally, click the reply privately to sender button in the email.
  • Do not forward discussion emails

    Please remember - do not forward the messages you get from your community.
  • 1/15/21 Please read important reminder below

    Please do not forward your discussion notification emails.

    Remember way back when, in 2012, we launched this system and you had to log in every single time you wanted to reply to one of the discussion messages? Hopefully you don't remember that. Nobody liked that. 

    To make everything easy, we made an update to the system so it would be simpler for you to reply by email or by using the buttons in the discussions email notifications. We did this by building the security right in to the emails, so as long as you reply from the same email address as the one to which the message was sent, you are all set. 

    The downside is that you cannot forward these messages using your email forward feature.  Even if it is to someone you trust. 
    1) Remember these are all private communities and it's locked up tight for a reason. It's just for you.
    2) If you forward one of the email notifications and your trusted recipient starts clicking around, they'll be logged into the system as you. No good. 

    The upside is that if you absolutely must forward the content of a message, there is a link at the bottom of each email that strips out all the security but will forward just the content. Use that if it is absolutely urgent, otherwise just download the content or attachment and save it to your computer and send it off to your staff separately via regular email channels. 

    Just thought this was a good time for a reminder. There is a lot of sensitive information being discussed during this trying time, and it's my job to keep you all safe.

    Email me with questions.

    Christine Wilson